Master Gardener Training

Larry Campbell, retired WVU Harrison County Agricultural Extension Agent, demonstrates pruning techniques to students in a Master Gardener class.

WVU Harrison County Master Gardener Classes

The WVU Harrison County Extension Office usually conducts its Master Gardener volunteer training beginning in February of each year. This exciting program offers individuals the opportunity to receive in-depth instruction in horticulture and to participate in gardening-related community service.

Participants attend 40 hours of training and receive a complete gardening reference manual. In return they volunteer 40 hours of horticulture service to their community.

The cost for the class is $80.00 which covers the cost for the Master Gardener Training Manual and the official Master Gardener name badge.

Information and registration materials for the yearly Master Gardener Class should be available each year in early December. You may call the WVU Harrison County Extension Office to be placed on the list to receive registration materials – (304-624-8650).

2012 WVU-Harrison County Master Gardener Training Class.

The 2012 Master Gardener class has 29 participants. The class members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences but the one thing that they have in common is their love of gardening!

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