Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Office Hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. Although many of our programs are held on evening, nights and weekends, our office is not open at that time. We follow various Harrison County and WVU holidays, please call our office at 304-624-8650 if you are planning a visit near a holiday to ensure we will be open.

Where is your Office Located?

We are located on Route 19 South. Click here for detailed driving directions to our office.

Where is the Harrison County Recreation Complex – 4-H Center?

Many of our programs and events take place at the “4-H Center”. This facility is located on US Rt. 19 and you can click here for detailed driving directions to this facility.

How Do I Reserve a Space at the “4-H Center” for my Meeting or Event?

If you are a Harrison County WVU Extension Service program group (4-H, CEOS, Master Gardners, etc…), you can contact our office at 304-624-8650 to discuss having one of your meeting or events there. If you’re interested in having a personal party, meeting, wedding or other event, you can contact the Harrison County Recreation Complex – 4-H Center office at 304-624-0481

How can my child join 4-H?

Any child who is in third grade or above and not older than 21 can join 4-H by contacting the Extension Office at 304-624-8650 to find the nearest club. Some clubs have Cloverbud programs for children in grades K to 2.

What are the age requirements for 4-H?

The 4-H Year is October 1 to September 30. An individual of 4-H age may enroll in and carry 4-H membership in only one state and one county. The individual can join when he/she is in at least the third grade and/or 9 years of age (Example: a child can join 4-H if he/she is 8 years of age and will reach his/her 9th birthday during the current 4-H club year). The person is not eligible for membership if he/she reaches his/her 21st birthday on or before December 31 of the current 4-H year.

What are the age requirements for 4-H Cloverbuds?

Cloverbuds is a program for 5- to 8- year olds in grades K to 2. To be eligible for Cloverbuds, a child must turn 5 years old during the 4-H year (October 1 to September 30) and be in Kindergarten.

How do I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

It is best not to use pesticides. The most effective way is using a vacuum or wet/dry vacuum. Take measures to exclude these pests from the home by sealing cracks and other points of entry to the house.

How do I get my soil tested?

Soil testing is a free service at WVU. Stop by the office for a form and an envelope. Follow the directions to take an accurate sample. Let the sample air dry and put about a cup of soil in the bag, complete the form, and mail everything to WVU. If you have questions when your analysis arrives, contact our office at 304-624-8650.

What should I do with my garden site at the end of the summer growing season to prepare it for next year?

At the end of the growing season, gardeners should remove all remaining plant debris and compost any of the material that does not contain pests or diseases. Diseased items can be bagged, buried or burned to help prevent future contamination of the garden site. This is also a good time to soil test as well (see previous FAQ). In addition, gardeners should consider planting a cover crop to improve and protect the soil. For information on cover crops see...

What’s eating my garden/flowers/lawn?

Call the office at 304-624-8650 to make an appointment or bring a sample of the plant and/or insect to the office to be sent to the state office.

How do I join a Community Education Outreach Service (CEOS) Club in Harrison County?

Anyone who is interested in joining a CEOS Club can contact the Extension Office at 304-624-8650.

Do you check pressure cookers?

Yes, we have a tester to check the gauges on your canner, and we also check the inner gasket to see if it needs to be replaced.

How do I can/preserve?....?

Call our office for home canning and food preservation information or go online at the National Center for Home Food Preservation. We recommend only USDA recipes, processes and procedures.