Harrison County Healthy Relationships

The Harrison County Healthy Relationship building program is sponsored by the WVU Extension Service Families and Health. Workshops are useful, interactive, and are based on the latest research to help you choose and maintain:

  • healthy couple and family relationships
  • positive parenting practices
  • balanced lifestyle
  • finances
  • protection of our children

Some popular programs are “Darkness to Lights – Stewards of Children”, “How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk”, Family Storyteller, Parenting Piece by Piece, Strong Families Eat Together, the Five Love Languages, and Stress Less with Mindfulness.

5 Love Languages picture

Five Love Languages

Would you like to have better communication in your relationship? Call the Extension Office at 304-624-8650 or email Becky.Smith@mail.wvu.edu for more information.

Programs Offered

Five Love Languages
Couples learn better communication skills and have a better understanding of their partner. Participants must be in committed relationship. Register by calling Becky Smith (304) 624-8650

Stress Less with Mindfulness
Uses mindfulness to reduce stress. Available to work sites upon request.

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children
Training for staff, parents, caregivers or volunteers who work with children. This program provides simple and effective practices to prevent, recognize, and react to child sexual abuse.

How Not to Marry a Jerk
Teaches individuals how to pace their relationships in a healthy way.

Parenting Piece by Piece
Develops parenting skills.

Strong Families Eat Together
Families are happier and fulfill their roles more effectively when they spend positive time together. This program aims to promote quality family mealtime.

Financial Classes
Learn from the Money Smart FDIC curriculum, Make Your Money Matter, Money Habitudes and other topic materials.

Contact Becky Smith at 304-624-8650 for more information.