4-H Club Officer Resources

The State Tax Exempt Form
to be used by individuals or groups making purchases for 4-H
is available upon request

4-H Secretary Minutes Worksheet

A Secretary Minutes Worksheet is provided for you to help create your own monthly 4-H Club agendas and to provide an easy way for your club secretary to fill in the minutes of the meeting. The following Sample - 4-H Secretary Minutes Worksheet can be used for your 4-H club meetings. All documents can be accessed with Microsoft Word and are available for you to copy and paste events and reminders where needed when working with your club president and officers in developing your own club agendas.

Duties of a 4-H Club Officer

List of Duties and Responsibilities for Each 4-H Club Officer

Parliamentary Procedure and Voting for 4-H Club Meetings

A document to help you better understand parliamentary procedure and correct voting and decision making in a 4-H club setting

Parliamentary Procedure Motions Chart

A website to help you better understand the various motions that can be associated with business meetings.

Installation of New 4-H Club Officers

A sample document if you would like to do an installation program for newly elected 4-H club officers

Handbook for 4-H Club Officers

Includes all information from the three links listed above as well as parts of a club meeting, information on 4-H club constitutions and desirable qualities of a 4-H club officer.

4-H Reporter Resources

Includes tips and contact information for 4-H club reporters to submit promotional items or news releases to various media outlets.

4-H Health Officer Resources

Monthly family handouts and other resources to be used by the Health Officer in each club.